Waiting On The Goldfinch

Spending Time Out Front With The Goldfinch

For the last couple of nights I have sat in a folding chair in my driveway waiting for the pair of goldfinch that we have to come to the coneflowers. There are lots of distractions around that can keep them away from the front, but luckily they have come in a few times while I am sitting there.

A Little Foggy Here

I was not ready to make photos on the first night that I went outside, but after a quick rain the birds were all over the flowers. I ran out with my camera ready to make photos. When they showed up I looked in my viewfinder and realized that things had gotten a little foggy. Going from the air conditioned house to the muggy outdoors was not the move. On the second night with the light getting good I sat my camera out in my car for a while about an hour before when I planned to be out there so that it would be ready when I was. Even with the power of Lightroom the lens was too fogged over to make a photo. Lightroom did a pretty good job of things though considering.

A Couple More Photos

Here are a couple more photos from my time out front with the goldfinch.

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