A Show In The Sky

A Show In The Sky

Saturday night a storm rolled in just after sunset. I was watching the light show to the north of us with no real angle of any of it. Then the storm shifted a bit and the light show came our way. Like any smart man I went upstairs and hung my tripod out of the window to make some photos. The photo above was one of the last that I made before the rain picked up and forced me back into the house. I love watching a good storm roll in. When I can come away with a good photo of it that makes me even happier.

Thank You

Yesterday I had a prompt to check my blog stats and I saw where I was having a good month, and even more surprisingly a good year. The prompt was to tell me that I passed the total number of views from 2016. I had three years in a row (2016, 2017, and 2018) where this blog was pretty constant. The last couple of years has seen a lot of growth and that is really cool. To have already passed my yearly totals for those three years in July is crazy to me. The self deprecating side of me would say that the pandemic just left everybody bored enough to read my blog. As always thank you for reading. It is still amazing to think of how this little personal project turned into something a bit more.

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