A Happy Accident At Purdue

A Magical Night On Campus

This is one more photo from a magical night watching the sun set over campus. We went up to campus with a couple of ideas in mind, but neither of them panned out. This was the third option, and it turned out amazing. This is probably my favorite photo of the night. I don’t know why it has taken this long for it to finally come out. This would make for a good print to hang on your wall. If you click on the photo it will take you directly to my site where you can purchase the photo.

Watching Too Much Bob Ross

I have been watching too much Bob Ross for a while now. Every weekend you can watch him non stop on Twitch, and during the week there are many ways to catch an episode or two. As I was looking at this scene in person I started naming off the colors in the sky to my little one. She just started shaking her head as I talked about a little Alizarin Crimson and Cad Yellow in the sky. The foreground is all black gesso as well. I think that making photos with the Bob Ross mindset is a great way to do it. You never make a mistake. It is always a happy accident.

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