The Eastern Phoebe And Some Natural Framing

An Eastern Phoebe In A Nice Frame

While walking at Prophetstown State Park I saw this Eastern Phoebe hanging around me. As I walked down the trail it was sort of following me down. Here it stopped on a perfect perch for a photo. I loved the way this thorns framed the bird. By the time I went back to this spot a week later the thorns were gone so this was a pretty short window to make the photo.

Zooming In A Bit

The fun part about the 200-600mm lens is how flexible it allows me to be with my photos. I can zoom out for the photo at the top of the page, and then zoom in tight for a photo like the one above. It allows you to get some different looks without moving your feet. In bird photography moving your feet could disturb the bird so you want something that lets you do it all. I still have not found much about this lens that I don’t like.

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