Stormy Sunsets And Football

When The Storm Breaks At The Perfect Time

Last night I had this idea to capture some lightning behind the Purdue clock tower. I was up on a parking garage as the storm rolled in. When the rain started to come down in buckets I decided to get out of there. There really are no photos in rain like that. I stopped to get gas on the way home and the rain let up. A beautiful glow started to form in the sky. I quit pumping gas and drove just down the road to Ross Ade Stadium to try and get something. I was hoping for just a little cool light. When I rolled up I couldn’t believe my luck. The sky was absolutely amazing. The stadium lights were on, and you couldn’t ask for anything more. I got a little wet making some quick photos, but it was well worth it.

Making The Panoramic Image

The sky was so great I wanted to get it all in the frame. I started making vertical images going across the scene knowing that I would stitch them together into one big scene. I had hoped that it would turn out okay, but I had no idea it would turn out so good. I have not been out and about making these types of images lately. I have been having too much fun with action photos. This might just be the kick I need to try and get out more when the light could be good. You strike out sometimes, but you can also hit a home run with the light every now and then.

Getting Lucky

This was one of the first photos that I made last night when I pulled up. You can see that the sky was much cooler than in the pano, but I was almost too in awe of what I was seeing to think rationally. I had made some photos that I liked up on the parking garage. I still have not even looked at that card yet as I was so into what these looked like. My initial idea did not quite turn out how I liked, but I felt that I had made the best of it. Then I was given an amazing scene to make photos of. You know that it was a fun photo session when you are yelling out loud in the car on the ride home.

Buy A Print

You can click on any of these photos to go directly to my website where you can order a print if you like. Buying prints helps keep this little endeavor going. Sharing this post also helps others see it. Thanks in advance for your help.

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