Brew Day

Getting Out Of The County

Yesterday I went down to Martinsville, Indiana to visit my brother. The last time that I left Tippecanoe County was March 5, 2020. I went to Indy to photograph the Purdue women’s team playing in the Big Ten Tournament. I used to travel all of the time. It is crazy to think of how long it was in between trips. Hopefully it is not that long before I leave the county again.

How Quickly Things Change

Ten years ago this fall I started this blog. Back then my brother was brewing out of his garage in a setup that we thought was pretty sophisticated. Looking at what he has now though that seems pretty shoddy. It is amazing what he has done in that short period of time. He now has an amazing brewing room and bar setup. I could not remember the last time that I had a beer, but I sampled a couple of his yesterday. They are fantastic, and I am not a huge fan of beer. I have a funny feeling that in ten more years I will be buying his beer in a public place.

One Reply to “Brew Day”

  1. Nice! We have a good friend who make beer, too, and it’s quite good. He and his wife gave me several six packs when I visited Illinois again recently–one dark for me and one lighter (but not light beer) for my husband. True friends!


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