The Lafayette Aviators Defeat The Burlington Bees

More Great Light At Loeb Stadium

Last night I went to the game wondering if the incoming clouds would make for a great sunset. It did not happen, but the late game light was well worth the trip. As this season winds down I will have some fun playing around with this light.

A Familiar Team Name

For years I would end up at Burlington Bees games in South Bend as they took on whatever the local club was called back then. For most of those years it was the SilverHawks. Since the move to West Lafayette I have not been to as many Midwest League games. Of course now since the reorganization of the minors there is no Midwest League. The Burlington Bees are now part of the Prospect League. The road to the majors from the Midwest League is not an easy one. There were still players that I saw back in the day that defied the odds and made it though. This road is a little tougher, but it will be interesting to see just how many players this team can place there from the Prospect League.

A Day At The Park

These are the types of images that are fun to make. I was quickly heading from one side of the park to the next when I realized that this scene was pretty cool. I backed up and made a few frames before continuing on. Tight photos of the players are nice, but this photo is just baseball to me.

Changing It Up

Last night I took my 200-600mm lens and my 24-105mm lens to the game. Neither of these had been there yet, and it was a good way to change up my photos a little bit. At some point during baseball or any season limiting your gear is a good way to force yourself to think a little differently. I had been doing the same thing over and over this season it felt like. Changing up my gear forced me out of that habit.

From The Outfield

This season I have made many photos from the outfield, but most of them have been wide angle. With the 200-600mm lens though I could make some batting photos. If there is a play at second that is right there too. In fact here I was hoping for a stolen base, and it might be the only time this year when I was upset that the Aviators got a hit. I wanted to see the head first slide straight on. This still turned out okay though.

From The Suites

This stadium is built nearly identical to the stadium in Kokomo where I made many photos for a couple of years.  In Kokomo I would go up to the outdoor seating to make photos when the suite was not full. Last night I saw that opening and went up to try some new things. I liked how the light fell from up there so I stayed for a couple of innings. I tried for two years in Kokomo to get a play at the plate from the third base high position with no luck. Maybe this is the year when I can finally make that photo.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my gallery from the game last night.

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