The Lafayette Aviators Win With A Ninth Inning Walk Off

Walking It Off It Great Light

Last night the Aviators gave the fans a treat with some late inning heroics. At one point things looked bleak and then everything started to change with the sunset. By the time the bottom of the ninth inning came it just seemed inevitable that the Aviators would win. They had just brought the game much closer in the 8th inning, and they just needed one to tie and two to win. They made it look easy taking home the win. Both of these teams seem to have a little rivalry brewing so tonights game should be interesting.

Baseball Sunsets

I love a good sunset, and of course I love baseball. When the two come together it makes for something amazing. Last night the only real cloud in the sky at sunset is the one that you see in this frame. I went down to the dugout to make the most of it. The team was in the process of scoring a couple of runs so they really didn’t notice the photographer in the background.

The Winning Hit

The light was just starting to fade as the game winning hit happened. The orange glow was still in the sky, but not as great as it was just a couple of batters before. It still made for a great scene for the win though. These are the night when the baseball and the weather just fits in perfectly.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my full gallery from the game. I have been having some fun taking it slower and making fewer photos than I normally would during the game. I will still try and get some of everyone, but also take time to enjoy the game.

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