Harrison Defeats McCutcheon For The Sectional Title

Getting Some Tournament Baseball In

I love tournament baseball and this year the college tournaments just didn’t work with my schedule. In the morning I had to turn down a chance to head to Nashville for what should be a great regional with some great pitching. I knew I wanted the emotion of a tournament so I headed down to Loeb Stadium just hoping for a good game. I got that. A lot of emotion early on as both teams did not want their seasons to end at the hands of their rival.

He Was Out

Early in the game it seemed like a couple of calls went against Harrison. You had a ball that landed in fair territory called foul that would have given Harrison an early lead. This play at second was the other play. The runner was called safe even though the tag was applied very early. Both were big plays that did not go the way of the Raiders. They kept plugging though and eventually things started going their way.

The Jube

On thing that I love in photography are jubilation photos. If I am being honest I went to the game to make a dog pile photo. That did not happen, but I was still able to make some nice celebration photos throughout the day. Tournament baseball is just different.

Finally Seeing McCutcheon Play

This year I had the goal of seeing all of the high school teams play at home. After no baseball in 2020 I had a baseball heavy spring planned. Every time that I had McCutcheon on the list though the weather seemed to get in the way. I never made it to their field, but I was glad that I at least was able to see them play Monday.

Familiar Surroundings

Harrison will feel right at home in Kokomo as the stadium is nearly identical to Loeb. I still have not seen the final product, but during the first two years of their existence I photographed many games at Municipal Stadium.

More Photos From The Game

On Tuesday morning I put out the gallery from this game. I knew that the game stories were backing up so I put all of my galleries out in one day. The good news is that this is not a news site. It is just a blog where we relive fun opportunities that I have had in photography. You can see that full gallery from the game here.

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