Purdue Baseball vs. Penn State

Have A Day Kid!

Over the years I have seen some great pitching performances at Alexander Field. A couple of seniors went out on a great note. Two that immediately come to mind are Robert Ramer and Gavin Downs. I think that Trent Johnson added his name to that list yesterday. I haven’t seen a stat line from the game, but Trent came in and did his job. When fellow senior pitcher Cory Brooks came out to get him he received a great ovation. It was a fantastic way to end his time pitching for the Boilers.

More Senior Moments

Fellow senior Zac Fascia played a big role in the game yesterday too. It is always good to see these young men finishing their careers in a big way. After the way that last year played out you root for them even more.

A Happy Accident

Maybe I watch too much Bob Ross, but I love happy accidents. This was one of them. The auto focus of my camera grabbed the ball on its way to the plate. I wasn’t going for the frozen ball photo, but I will take it. That also says a lot about how good this camera is. I had the dot on the ball and it grabbed it for at least two straight frames coming right at me.

More Senior Moments

This weekend my plan was to cover the team, but the main goal is to make as many photos of this large senior class as I can. Here I liked the gesture and the expression of senior Skyler Hunter. This senior class was part of a very special resurgence for Purdue baseball. They will be missed.

A Sliding Day

Saturday I covered the resumption of this game along with about three innings of the game that followed it. Maybe it is the fact that it is the last time many of these men will be suiting up, but I seemed to see more head first hard slides than I had in a while. That makes for good photography. All of the teams really wanted the wins.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my full gallery from the game. I like breaking the gallery out from this post as it allows me to post it much sooner.

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