The House Wren Looking For A Home

Watching The House Wren Home Shop

This morning at the Celery Bog I heard two house wrens talking to each other. They were both looking at different holes in older trees trying to find just the right one. When you are getting ready to raise a family this is a very important step. This wren turned just right to give me a good photo opportunity with the sun working in my favor.

Birding With The Sony A1

In the next few days I will probably write up a little longer review of my experience with the Sony A1. In the meantime I will just say that it has been awesome. The bird autofocus feature grabs right onto the eye of a little bird like this. If you photograph birds you know that the eye is the most important thing to get into focus, and this camera lets me do it pretty easily. It really is a cheat code.

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