More With The Palm Warbler

First Look At The Palm Warbler This Year

This was the first photo of a palm warbler that I made this year. I had my back to this bush when I heard movement in it. I turned around and saw this palm warbler peeking out at me. The bird was backlit which is not ideal. In the end I liked the way that the photo turned out. In a couple of weeks I will want different looking warbler photos, and I made one right off the bat.

Warbler Season Is Here

The warblers are starting to show up so for the next month or so it is on. The early warblers are here now, and the cast of characters will change over the next month. I really need to get out there more to see what I can find. With limited time I won’t have the year that I have had in the past, but I am looking forward to what I can see.

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