For Leroy

Ross Ade Stadium Lit Up For Leroy Keyes

Last night I drove up to Ross Ade Stadium to see it lit up in honor of Leroy Keyes. I will not pretend that I knew Leroy very well. I photographed him at events many times. He was the guy who even though he had no idea who I was he always had a smile and a how are you doing for me. When I left baseball earlier in the day I saw the stadium lit up and knew that making a photo was in the cards at blue hour. There was a public memorial earlier in the day, but it was amazing watching all of the people driving through to get a glimpse of the stadium lit up for Leroy. A steady stream saying goodbye to a legend both on and off the field.

More On The Photo

This is a vertirama. Two images stitched together vertically. I saw that light spot in the sky over the stadium and I knew that it had to be in the photo. Normally you would want to not include the bright spot as it would be distracting, but I saw it as a bright spot that is now up above us. Maybe I was thinking too much on the scene, but I really liked that idea.

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