West Lafayette vs. Central Catholic

Finally Getting To See Some Baseball

This was a weird week. I had planned on watching the West Lafayette and Central Catholic varsity teams square off twice on Tuesday and Wednesday. Snow came in and changed those plans. The Tuesday game was cancelled and I found out about the venue change for Wednesdays game too late. Another photographer gave me a tip that the JV teams would be playing in my neighborhood last night so I finally had a chance to photograph some baseball this week. It was a fun game to photograph with diving catches and a few plays at the plate. The dust is great at Bob Friend Field so of course I love those plays at the plate.

Why Did It Take So Long?

I have been making photos at Bob Friend Field since 2012. Why did I just now see this angle? The wind was blowing just right to make a patriotic photo of this pitcher as he throws to the plate. The wind was blowing just right for this photo to work last night. It is always nice to find a new angle at a park that you have visited for years.

Dust Is Fun!

More and more stadiums are going to turf fields which takes some of the fun out of baseball photography. Dust flying can be an amazing thing. In the right light it makes for some very cool photos.

Photo Gallery

Here is a link to the photo gallery that I posted earlier today from the game.

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