Purdue Baseball Starts The Weekend Off With Extra Innings

A Ten Inning Game To Start The Weekend

With the long span of no live baseball for me you know that I am not against extra inning games. It really started to get cold last night though. The light was so good that I was not going to leave as a walk off in that golden light would have been amazing. The hits did not come though for Purdue. It was a good game and hopefully the weekend will bring some more fun moments.

Photography In The Bubble

Last weekend I made a photo from every game of Tyler Powers and his bubble blowing. I kind of thought that I was not going to get one last night. I wanted to work on making photos of other players. Then of course he came into the on deck circle right in front of me and blew a bubble. Of course I made the photo. He was in the shade with an ultra bright background so I knew that this would be a black and white photo. I love how it turned out though. I am sure today I will say no bubble photos, but you will see one on the blog tomorrow.

Big Ben

Ben Nisle launched a bomb early in the game to give Purdue the lead. I was in a decent spot for the hit and the celebration with the coach. Because of the virus there are all kinds of weird stats that we see. This was Ben’s first dinger at Alexander since 2018. Hopefully more are on the way soon.

Cal Deals

Last night Calvin Schapira was moved into the Friday night slot and was facing a future draft pick. He responded by pitching a great game. Some bad luck extended innings, but he kept at it and made sure that Purdue was still in the game. It was a great game to watch as he just mowed down batters after giving up a couple of hits in the first inning.

Friday Night Light

Even as the temperatures dropped quickly last night the light just kept getting better and better. From where I sat the players were well lit with a dark background. That makes for some fun photos. I was really hoping to see Gatorade fly through the air with that light, but it wasn’t to be last night.

Alexander Looking Good

With no field access this year there really is no point in being at the game for pregame. I tried to time it so I showed up right at the start of the game. I walked in just before the anthem so I was able to make this photo to show what an absolutely beautiful day it was from a light standpoint. It was the only time that I used my wide angle, but it was worth having it just for this photo.

More Photos From The Game

I really missed baseball for that long period where I was not around the game. I have been having an absolute blast making photos this year so far. As this season goes on it will be fun trying to change things up a bit. For now here are a few bonus favorites from the game yesterday.

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