Purdue Soccer Defeats Northwestern 1-0

Back At Folk Field

On Saturday I was back at Folk Field for another soccer match. Earlier that day on my way over to the Celery Bog I saw the lights on at the stadium and I knew that it would be a fun day. It had been one year and five months to the day of my last time inside of the stadium. Hopefully this virus is under control and this is the first of many trips to Folk Field this year for me.

Getting My Soccer Legs Back

Early on in this match I was missing a few photos here and there because it had been so long since I made soccer photos. You have to get back into the flow a bit. Luckily it started coming back a bit.

New Intros

As Purdue was being introduced I realized that the intros were new. They would make for a decent photo from my position. Little changes are always interesting. Once again I can’t wait for this virus to be a thing of the past and I can get in and make some more interesting photos of this.

A Great Goal

Sarah Griffith has a great story of overcoming the odds to continue to play the game that she loves. When she scored on Saturday I couldn’t have been happier for her. Hopefully this isn’t the last goal of hers that I get to cover. Here is a link to the Sarah’s story. Don’t forget to click on the video when you are there.

Getting Close When You Can

Soccer is a unique sport in that the ball is at the athletes feet. In any other sport you have many opportunities to get in tight to show off the athlete. In soccer you have to wait for the right moments. In the age of the virus the opportunity to get up close is of course even less. I still enjoyed the challenge of trying to show the athletes a little more.

More Photos From The Match

Here are a few bonus photos from the match on Saturday. As far as a sports photo goes these are now ancient. I am a few days behind on the blog, but that is not a bad thing. That means that I am out making photos which is always a good thing. As I write this I have no idea, but hopefully I will be making more soccer photos later this week.

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