Icicles On The Porch

This Is Where I Am

Right now this is where I am at with my photography. This year I made a deal with myself to make one photo that I am happy with every day. This blog started 10 years ago this October with a photo a day project. I didn’t want to make it a published photo a day because I would find myself posting things that I was not proud of. Those early days which are still on here are not my best work. I do try and find something to study light or find a way to make a photo every day. Last night my study was the sunset with the icicles on the front porch. I know that you should clean them off, but they do make for interesting subjects. I started playing with the scene and then decided to try and freeze a drop in silhouetted against the sun. I was not using either Sony A9 so it was not as easy as it sounds. I did manage to do it a couple of times though. This is one of those attempts.

What Do I Do?

Way back when I studied marketing. It was my minor in college. Of course things back then were totally different than they are today. With extra time on my hands I have been thinking about how others see me. I do so many different types of photography that I don’t know that I can be pigeonholed. I used to think that people only saw me as a sports photographer. Of course we all know that hasn’t happened in a while. I look at the people that I look up to in the photography world and they all have a certain thing that they are known for. I really don’t know that I have that. As a kid I was always average or above average in many sports. I never excelled at any one sport, but I could always hold my own in all of them. I have been thinking lately that the same could be said for my photography. This blog could have anything on it from day to day. When I stop and think about it I know that I should specialize, but I really like changing it up. Post like today will never get many views and the photos will never sell, but it was a fun study for a few minutes as the sun went down. Isn’t that what photography should be?

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