A New #Snokeh Tool

A Cold Night For Snokeh Photos

Sunday night when the snow started I knew that I should go out and make snokeh photos. The temperature was near zero though making me think twice about heading out. I found locations that I could access from near my car. A quick walk around the athletics portion of campus had given me an ice cream headache. Walking into the wind was not going to cut it. I stayed out for a while to make some photos and test out a new piece of gear.

The Sony 24mm f/1.4

This was a very fine snow when I was out there. The kind of snow that you expect when it is so cold. Normally that wouldn’t make for the best snokeh photos with my old setup. With a lens that could open up to f/1.4 there was a possibility that it could work out. I was so surprised at exactly how well the lens turned the little flakes into huge bokeh balls. I did not buy the lens with bokeh specifically in mind, but I knew that it would help me make some interesting photos.

Buying New Gear In The Pandemic

With work slim buying new gear means one thing. Some piece or pieces of old gear have to go. In the next few weeks my long glass will also find their way out of my collection. It will not be easy to get rid of the glass, but with no sports work coming in it really doesn’t make sense to keep holding on to them. If sports does pick back up it will be like the early days again which will be a fun challenge.

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