A Snowy Walk Around Purdue Athletics

A Fun And Snowy Walk

Saturday night I found myself out once again after everyone was in bed making snow photos. When I went out I had one goal in mind just down the road from my house. I really didn’t plan on many photos after that. Seeing the football stadium lit up though I decided to check it out and try a couple of things. From there I found myself at the Tyler Trent gate and then things started to come together in my head. I had the idea for this post and what could be in it. I abandoned my other goal and just focused on making focus of the different parts of the Purdue athletics portion of campus. I did not expect this snow to photograph well. It seemed too cold for that. I was so happy with what I was able to accomplish during my short walk. It is always fun getting out and getting a good walk in during the winter.

Photos From The Walk

I tried to hit a little bit of everything on my walk. Some venues like the soccer stadium have the good features behind fences where I cannot get to. I think that I am getting too old for fence climbing. I tried to come up with some new photo ideas as well as work on a few old ideas to try and make them better. Enjoy my walk around athletics below. You can see any photo larger by clicking on it. You can also purchase any photo by clicking on it and hitting the buy button.

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