Up Close With The Dark-eyed Junco

A Dark-eyed Junco Stops By For A Photo

In the winter my backyard is full of these dark-eyed juncos as they eat whatever they can. They don’t usually hang out at the feeders, and they are so plentiful that I tend to not make many photos of them. You always want to photograph the things that are not around so much. This bird came right up close to me though just begging to have its photo made. I focused on it and waited for it to slightly turn towards me which it did. I love it when things just happen in photography. This was not planned, but as Bob Ross would say a happy accident.

When Is Close Too Close?

With my 200-400mm lens too close is anywhere within eight feet of me. Once you get past eight foot anything is possible. Closer than that though and I cannot make a photo. I think that this bird was about an inch past that eight foot mark. In the winter I cannot back up as I have to be out of the window to avoid the heat waves so I was at this birds mercy if I wanted to make a photo. Luckily for me things worked out. I love the detail on these close photos. I little snow in the foreground also tells the story of this snow bird.

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