The Mourning Dove Pays My Backyard A Visit

The Mourning Dove In The Snow

One bird that I rarely see in my tree is the mourning dove. It loves hanging out on the ground feeding on what the other birds have knocked out of the feeder. On this day though the dove was just hanging out on a branch watching everything going on. I used that as an opportunity to make some photos of the bird when it wasn’t on the ground.

Photos Out Your Window

One thing that I learned early on in making bird photos is that you don’t want to photograph them through your window. There are too many things that effect your quality that way. In the winter you also have to worry about the heat from your house effecting the photos as well. With that in mind I stick my lens out as far as it can goes so that the heat escaping your house doesn’t blur your image. Another little trick that I have learned is to open the window more than you need and the heat will escape higher leaving you with a nice area to work with down low. I don’t love making photos out of the window, but when something unusual shows up at the feeder sometimes you have to.

Bonus Photos

Since I wrote this post I had another fun encounter with the dove in the tree. Here are a couple of bonus mourning dove photos for you.

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