A Close Up Cardinal

Getting Up Close And Personal With The Cardinal

It is funny how things work in the backyard. Every day the cardinals show up at the tree in the back. I have made so many photos of them that I tend to ignore them most of the time. They really need to be in the right spot for me to make the photo. This one was fairly close to me and was very curious about the noise coming from the device in my hands. It was that inquisitive look that made me swing over and make a photo of the bird. I am glad that I did. It is a splash of color in the winter which is a rare thing.

Sort Of Setting Goals

I never sit down and write down goals for the year. I think that I did early on in this blog and it didn’t turn out well. This year just reenforced my thought that photography in all aspects is something that you have to roll with what is out there. All the goals in the world could not have stopped what the pandemic did to the business. When I put together my best of posts though I think of ways that I can make the photos in the posts better. One such goal was to get more of these tight photos of the birds that show them off a bit more. That is easier said than done, but it is a new way to look at birds that I see every day.

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