The Lone Double-crested Cormorant At The Celery Bog

Rooting For A Bird

This double-crested cormorant is the last cormorant at the Celery Bog. It stayed here last year, and it will try it again this year. If you look at its left wing you can see why it is not flying south for the winter. Last year it had a mate that stayed with it, but the mate ended up dead on the ice. Winter and ice is not a good combination for a bird that needs to feed in the water. Hopefully we have a mild winter so I can make many more photos of this bird.

Playing With The Reflection

I was having some fun waiting for the right moments to use this reflection with the bird. The water was not as calm most of the time, but when the wind died down I was ready to make some photos. I thought that this photo of it walking was a good opportunity to see its foot.

In The Water

The only reason that I was able to get so close to this cormorant was that it was fishing when I spotted it. I stayed on the main trail while it was above water, and I would walk a few steps every time that it went under water. By the time I was on the log at the waters edge it had made a few attempts for dinner. Had I just walked right to my spot the bird probably would have left. By moving when it couldn’t see me I was able to get close enough to make the photos at the top of the post.

A Fun Day

As you can see by the photos in this post I had some fun Saturday. This is a bird that I don’t photograph often so it was cool to get an up close and personal look at it. A few behavioral photos also made the encounter fun.

4 Replies to “The Lone Double-crested Cormorant At The Celery Bog”

  1. I guess cormorants are very aggressive but I really enjoy watching them (and taking photos of them.) I liken them to U-boats when in the water, as they can dive down, stay under for a long time, and then come up again in a completely different place. 🙂 Cool shots. I hope this one survives.


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