Beauty Is Where You Find It

Finding A Nice Quiet Spot

Yesterday I went for a quick walk with my little one. I set out to make a photo that I had been thinking about for a while now. There is a small little woods near our house that is picturesque. I had been waiting for a fresh snowfall to make a photo of the little creek that runs through it. My original idea did not turn out, but I really like how this photo looked. Everything really does look better with a fresh blanket of snow. This is a cool little park that I do not visit nearly enough.

2021 Goals

Photography is a weird thing. You can set goals at the beginning of the year and things could completely change by the end of the year. I usually shy away from making goals for that reason. This year though I have decided that I need to make one good photo a day. When this blog started nearly ten years ago that is what I was doing. I realize that not every day will be post worthy so I probably won’t post a photo a day, but I still need to make something. I took a little break from photography at the end of the year. The first such break in over ten years. It is time to put the peddle back down now.

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