Snokeh And The Purdue Clock Tower

Another Snokeh Photo From Saturday Night

Last year was a crazy year. I did not have the photos that I normally do from a year. I started off the year exactly how I like it being able to just have long posts with many photos. The draught that I went through though has me squirreling some photos away. I have had an inspired start to the year so far. As I write this I made a couple of photos that I liked today that I could post. for now though I think that I will keep it slow and see how January and February look before making the long posts again. I had so much fun the other night though that I am sure those photos will hit this blog sooner rather than later.

Making The Photo You Set Out To Make

I went out the other night with a photo in mind. In fact I started off with a photo directly above because that was the goal. I actually think that it was snowing too much though so it didn’t work like I had planned. I ran into that problem in downtown Lafayette about three hours later. It still was a good idea that I was able to actualize while on campus. I liked the idea of the clock tower all alone with the snokeh around it. It was a good idea that I think set the tone for the night. The rest was just gravy.

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