Photographing The Jupiter And Saturn Conjunction

Seeing Something Special

Today Saturn and Jupiter appear to be as one to our eyes. This has not occurred at night for over 800 years. That is a pretty cool thing to see. I had not really planned a cool photo for this occasion as the forecast has been for clouds. Today that has proven to be true. Last night though while playing a game I looked out the window and saw both Jupiter and Saturn staring back at me! I grabbed the family and we checked it out from an upper window in our house. I then grabbed my camera and my 600mm lens and made some photos. With the 2x converter on the lens it gave me a 1200mm view of the event. At some point though it was just a couple of planets in the sky. I decided to try something else.

Stacking Things Up

I grabbed my Sony 135mm lens to try something else out. I knew how the planets were moving so I put them in my frame so they would move down and into the tree at the bottom. I knew that I would get some star trails as well. A few planes came in late to really clutter up the photo, but you can see all of the activity outside of my window on that night. It was a fun project to do while we were trying to figure out who the werewolf was in our game. The camera was just making photos while we had some fun downstairs.

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