Zooming Into Christmas

Christmas Is Coming Fast

This has been a weird year that has seemed to go both fast and slow at the same time. I can’t really explain that, but time seems to go slow but then you end up at the next holiday pretty quickly. This is an even weirder year as I don’t think I will see any family but those at the house this year. That is hard as we all know Christmas is one time that you can count on to see everyone. We will have to make good use of zoom to make sure that we at least get to see loved ones faces.

Having Some Fun At The Tree

Tonight I was playing around with zooming in and out during a longer exposure at the tree. Of course I looked loony doing it and my youngest asked what was going on. I showed her the result and she loved it. She came up with the idea of having her head at the center of the photo so it would look like everything was moving right from her. It was a cool idea that she loved. I love making photos with the kids.

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