Indiana State Basketball Visits Purdue

Seeing Indiana State Basketball Again

The last time that I photographed the Indiana State basketball program was their Arch Madness game in 2019. Last season they had some exciting players that I wanted to photograph, but things just did not work out. I was happy when I saw that they were coming to Purdue. Of course the virus cancelled the first game, but luckily this one worked out.

Getting Back In The Groove

For months now I have been in a different mode of photography. I maybe go days without processing photos that I have made. In the sports world everything must be done right away. Sending images during the game seemed a little harder than it used to because my brain has not been working that way lately. It was fun being back in it though.

Photographing Basketball During The Virus

One thing that has to be said is that this game was weird. Mackey Arena is one of my favorite places to make photos. Without the band and the fans though it was like watching a practice. At one point in the second half Purdue hit a big three and the bench erupted. I had the thought that I had never heard them before. The crowd usually drowns them out. Being in the stadium was fun, but the emotion of the game is hard to capture from so far away. Hopefully we can get this thing under control so that I can get back to what I do best soon.

Using The 400mm Lens

I really had no idea what I was in for when I left the house. I knew that my 70-200 would not be enough lens, but I thought my 400mm would be too much. I put my 1.4x converter on the 70-200 thinking that it would be my go to lens. After a couple of minutes of game time I started using the 400mm lens for the action on the other end of the court. Then I slowly just kept using it as it brought me right into the action. By the second half of the game the only reason that I switched was to make some photos that looked a little different for the gallery. I loved how close this lens brought me to the action. The bokeh was pretty nice too. The photo above had just a slight horizon adjustment. Otherwise it is the full frame. I may have to use the 400 way more for basketball.

The Purdue Defense

Every year when I make images for the other team I usually end up making a photo of Purdue that I really like. You can make some good images on that end of the court. They are things that are not usually in my portfolio so maybe that is why I like them so much. During a normal season you start to feel like you are making the same photo over and over again. On the defensive end you can make some new photos that have a different look to them.

Zach Edey

This man is just built different. At Purdue we have been spoiled with big men over the last few years. Zach looks to continue that tradition. Here you can see him towering over the other players. It will be fun watching him grow.

Have A Day Cooper!

Cooper Neese put up 22 points against Purdue Saturday night in a fun show. He was the player that I heard about when he announced he was coming to Indiana State. When Purdue made a three it seemed like he knew he had to answer. If he can keep this up then big things are in store for Indiana State.

The Game Day Feeling

Man I miss the game day feeling. These past few months have been hard because this is what I am good at. This is what I love. Hopefully soon things can get back to where I have that feeling back again.

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