Nobow Finds A New Tree

Nobow Brings Back An Old Tree

This morning my youngest had a grinch day for her e-learning class. Our elf on the shelf decided to get in on the action and he set up a display in the basement. He somehow found an old Dr. Seuss tree that we had purchased a while ago. He also had a couple of other surprises that made the day fun. Here is a photo of him just hanging out in that Dr. Seuss tree.

The Old Dr. Seuss Tree

Have you ever made a purchase that you immediately regretted? This tree might be one of those. While checking out the gingerbread houses at the Purdue Union one year we stumbled into a room with a bunch of cool trees that different student groups had decorated. My oldest was pretty young at the time and she wanted to put a bid in on a couple of them. This tree had no bids so I figured the starting price would be a good place to be and that I would be outbid. Of course a couple of days later I got the call that I won the tree. The tree was very cool, but we had no place to put it. I still remember carrying my youngest in her car seat with one arm and dragging this tree out of the union with the other. It was nice to see it get some use again. This may be part of our zoom background for the rest of the semester.

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