Christmas Goodies

Time To Make Some Goodies

This is the time of year that the Christmas baking starts. This is the part of Christmas where I just watch and help eat. I am no good at baking, but I appreciate those that do. Here is one of our first endeavors at home this year.

Christmas Choices

Every year on Christmas you have to make choices. You have to decide how you can see all of your family. This year it is even weirder as you don’t want to infect anyone. With everyone having to travel for the holidays this is not the year to do it. How are you planning on spending the season?

One Reply to “Christmas Goodies”

  1. Eating. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Good for you for taking on the task. 🙂 How will we spend Christmas? With my parents for the first time since I was in grade school. We called off our usual Christmas with our two daughters, one son-in-law, and one sister-in-law coming. Too high a risk for some and two live in California and who knows what “rules” they’ll come up with by Christmas. Zoom to the rescue. 🙂


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