The Gadwall Dives In

The Gadwall Takes In The Scene At The Celery Bog

I have always admitted that I am a terrible birder. I enjoy capturing moments far more than anything else at the bog. At the time that I made this photo I didn’t know exactly what bird this was. I did know that it wasn’t something that I see all of the time though, and that it was doing this crazy bobbing thing looking for food. I tried to capture it at the apex of that movement which is the photo that you see above.

The Sigma MC-11

As I have talked about before I went out on this day to test out the Sigma MC-11 adapter for my Sony camera. This allows me to use my Canon 600mm lens. With no real work for the 600 in the near future I have been debating on selling the lens. The money would allow me to branch out in a different direction. I don’t see sports photography being lucrative fora while if it ever is again. A 600mm is something that separates you from the competition, but when there are not sports to use it for it is not worth having.

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