The Great Blue Heron Marks Its Territory

A Blue Heron Lays Down The Law

At one point in my makeshift blind I had a bunch of different kinds of waterfowl right in front of me. This blue heron didn’t like that fact and came flying by to make sure that some of them cleared out. One pass was fairly far away, but this pass was close enough that I could make a pretty good photo of the heron.

The Sigma MC-11

The purpose of this visit was to check out how the MC-11 adapter so that I could use my Canon glass on my Sony camera worked. I have been having some issues with my lenses that could be from the drive motors going out, but this is a quick and cheaper way to test that out without sending in the gear to get fixed. Nothing really changed so I am guessing that my 600mm may have to go in to get worked on. With no money coming in though that will have to wait for a while.

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