Time Stands Still In Ocean City

Time Well Spent In Ocean City, Maryland

This year we did not go on any vacations. With the virus around it didn’t make sense to go out and get on a plane. One thing that I will miss for sure is our annual trip to the ocean. I thought that this was a good photo to make at the time. I normally wouldn’t get up this early in the morning for anything. The sunrise in Ocean City is something worth waking up for.

Time On The Beach

Most people love to spend time on the beach during the day with the sun out. Of course my favorite time was early in the morning when nobody else was on the beach. Getting down to the water before the sun rose and just hearing the waves crashing in. Nothing beats that. It is the most relaxing thing that I have ever been around. Maybe I will just put on a cd of water hitting the beach and put my feet in the bathtub. That has to be close right?

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