Harrison Soccer vs. Kokomo

Back Where It All Started

When I was first getting my business off of the ground I had no idea how to make soccer photos or how the sport worked. I watched way too much Fox Sports Soccer back then, and I attended a lot of Harrison soccer games. One of the parents was learning photography and I was learning soccer. We traded tips and had a good time doing it. I always think that it was those days and nights at the Harrison soccer field that led to the fun I have had after that. It is always nice to go back. Last year the schedule did not allow it. This year of course there is no schedule so I should be able to make more games.

Follow The Bouncing Ball

Soccer is a sport that does not lend itself to many close ups. The ball is at the players feet so you end up with full body photos most of the time. There are a couple of exceptions. One of them is when there is a header. With a header though you don’t always end up with a good facial expression. The other opportunity is when the ball is bouncing. Yesterday I talked about using the 200-600mm lens and the flexibility that it gives me. Here when I saw the ball bouncing I knew I had at the chance to make this photo. I quickly zoomed in on the player to make it. I love these kinds of photos because they the player off a little bit more.

A Metaphor For The Year

This was a photo that I debated posting. This young man took a big hit here going up for the ball. The reason that I felt good about posting it though is that he came back strong and scored a couple of goals after this. I thought that it was a good representation of this year. We took a big hit, and now we have to come back and do what we do best.

So Close

Here is the same young man from up above working hard again. There are a lot of hard workers on this team. You can see that. They really hound their opponents. This young man though kept ending up in my photos of a lot of those moments. This is a fun team to make photos of.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to my full gallery from the game. Like I said in yesterdays post the photos are there for you to download for free. Not everyone can buy photos right now and I realize that. If you have the means though and you would like the photos can also be purchased. This helps me out a lot and to be honest inspires me to attend more games.

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