Wait For It

Waiting For The Right Moment

This photo was two years in the making. I saw an amazing photo by the chief photographer of the Celery Bog Dan Miller. It was of an Eastern Screech Owl in a cool hole. I spent the next month or so looking for that hole. Knowing how the light hit the hole I knew that it had to face a certain direction, and after way too much obsessive searching I found the hole. Of course the owl had moved on by then. Sunday night I went out to the bog without much in mind. I was just going to photograph whatever I saw. I had an alright night, but nothing worth blogging about when I realized people were freaking out about something on the trail. Of course Dan was right there to tell me that the screech owl was back in that famous hole. I didn’t get too close to the owl. I didn’t want to spook it. Soon the light will come around to light the bird up even more, and I want it to still feel comfortable in that spot. So once again we wait for the owl during the right time. After two years of walking by that tree at least once on every trip out to the bog it was nice to finally see something in it though.

Wait For It

One of my favorite songs from the Hamilton soundtrack is the song called Wait For It. It really is a great song with some inspiring lines especially right now. With this virus has come weird times. It seems like everyone is working but me. I have felt like I am just standing still as far as the business goes. There is one line from the song that goes something like “I’m not standing still I am lying in wait.” If I think about things with that in mind it doesn’t seem so bad. It is still crazy to just go from feeling like I was at the top of my game to nothing so fast. I was not the best photographer out there, but I was performing better than I had ever done before. I am looking forward to the day when I can get back going at full force again. This past weekend was fun. I am still looking for a team, school, or family that will let me help them make some amazing content. Until that opportunity arises though I will just stay here lying in wait.

3 Replies to “Wait For It”

  1. There must have been some pretty amazing photographers there if you weren’t one of the best, Dave. What a shot and worth waiting for! I know the feeling of looking for a shot for such a long time and then the joy of finding it. šŸ™‚


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