Harrison Football vs. Anderson

Coming Flying Out Of The Gate

I may have been late to the fall 2020 party, but the last couple of days have felt like fall for me. Some Thursday night soccer followed by football on Friday nights. It felt good to be on the football field again. Early on I was trying to make a photo that was not of game action. I was having some fun during warm ups, but when I saw this big helmet I knew the photo that I wanted to make.

Pregame Light

I loved this photo of the team at mid field prior to the game. The beautiful light was streaming in the stadium. The one thing that I wanted to change from Thursday to Friday night was to have more of an eye for things away from the action. I think that I did a much better job of that last night.

Getting In Tight

One thing that you can do in football that is much harder to do in soccer is to get in tight. In soccer with the ball at the feet of the athlete you are almost always in full body photos. In football I could get closer to the action and test myself a little bit more. Here I made a tighter photo that I really liked.


The way that this thing was going I wasn’t sure that I was going to get a good emotion photo. Harrison had a healthy lead, and they were very businessman like about it. After recovering a kick though I was able to make my emotion image. I may try and find some more emotion this weekend. It is the best part of sports photography, and I need to find a little of it.

Gang Tackle

I love these types of photos. I don’t know that I have ever had more defenders on the ball though. Here you have ten hats that have swarmed to the ball. I can only imagine the other Harrison defender was just out of frame. They were relentless on defense, and I think that this photo shows that.

What Comes Next?

Right now my schedule is an amazing blank slate. At some point it would be nice to find someone in the area looking for photos. Looking at how the other leagues have handled things I can’t imagine there being more than a handful of photographers on the sidelines at Purdue so my fall has really cleaned up. Things are never guaranteed as a freelancer, and this virus has really shown me just how volatile things can be. As I said yesterday. If you have an event that you need covered send me an email or contact me through this blog.

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