An Eastern Phoebe At The Celery Bog

Seeing The Eastern Phoebe Again

Last night I was along the shore of the Celery Bog and I saw some quick movement out of the corner of my eye. As I looked over I saw this eastern phoebe sitting on a perfect perch. I moved a few steps to the side to make my background better. It was good to begin with, but the colorful flowers seemed to be even better. You have to act quick though as these birds don’t usually stay still for too long. They are on to the next flying insect and perch.

One Good Photo

When I head out to the Celery Bog I always went out with the idea that if I could get one good photo that I am happy with then I would be happy. This time of the year though you know that the color and colorful birds are going quick. I put a little more pressure on myself to come up with a good photo. Of course that has no effect on what you bring home. You either get lucky and find the birds or you don’t. The need to make more photos usually doesn’t enter into things. I need to have that one good photo mentality when I head out there again. Being a little calmer and more willing to let things happen usually leads to more good photos.

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