In The Rearview Mirror

The Boilermaker Statue At Sunset

This Boilermaker statue has always been a great symbol to me. When this pandemic started I made a point to put it in my photos. I thought that it was a symbol of strength and resilience. It still is. I make many photos of this statue even though I may not share them all. This felt like a great photo to post today.

The Beginning Of The End

I have slowly started erasing the presence of my photography business from the internet. This morning I took the Facebook page offline. At some level it is a sad time as this is what I love to do. On the other hand when you look at it from the perspective that I was able to do what I love for the team that I love it actually was a good thing. If you had told me that I would photograph NCAA tournament games and a final four in multiple sports along with all of the work at Purdue I would have told you that you were crazy. I was just hoping to be at the game. This blog has been around for almost nine years now. Right now the plan is to get to October 7th at least. That will be the ninth anniversary of it. It is hard coming up with a photo a day. It is even harder when you have had the motivation sucked out of you. I have about a month to decide what to do about this site.

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