Mask Up

Be Like John, Wear A Mask

Right now I feel like we are at a crazy point in our country. We have politicized this virus so much that we are missing things that we should be there for. Yesterday I saw a video of the band coming into Ross Ade Stadium and I my heart sank. I love football Saturdays. The thought of having no college football this year is no even imaginable. The Friday night sidelines have been shrunk as well. I can’t help but think that if we took this thing seriously in the spring that we could do some things now.

Just Put The Mask On

I really don’t get why wearing a mask is so big of a deal. I keep hearing that it is infringing on your liberties, but you have already conformed to so many governmental regulations just getting to your destination that what is one more? Did you speed to get there? Why can they tell you how fast to go? Did you put a shirt and shoes on to go into the store? Why not one more piece of clothing. Make is something that makes a statement for you and put the damn thing on so that we can get back to some form of a normal.

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