A Great Egret Flyover At The Celery Bog

A Great, Great Egret Flyover At The Celery Bog

Maybe when I talk about the Great Egret I shouldn’t use the term great to describe it. That just makes too many greats in one sentence. Here though things worked out so that I could see a couple of amazing flyovers from this bird. I rarely can get close to one of these so I really enjoy the times when I can.

When Things Work Out

This was one time when a gamble paid off. The two egrets were making their way to the north deck on the main pond. I had two photographers nearly running past me on the trail to get down there. When people are that excited about a bird it usually means that the bird will get spooked. I quickly made my way to the point where I could photograph the birds when they inevitably were flushed from their position. It wasn’t long until the first bird flew overhead. I love it when a hunch pays off. It doesn’t always pay off so it makes it that much sweeter when it does.

Turn!, Turn!

When the first bird took off it went right for the position that I left to get to the point. It was still pretty high, but I started thinking that I had made the wrong decision. I was yelling for the bird to turn in my head, and then it did! It flew right at me and then of course overhead so that I could make the photos in this post. This one might be my favorite though because it meant that I would have the chance to make the other photos.

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