Football Or No Football?

The New Scoreboard At Ross Ade Stadium

This new scoreboard at Ross Ade Stadium is amazing. I haven’t seen it from inside the stadium yet, but I can only imagine the impact that it will have. Time will tell if we will be able to be inside of the stadium this year or not. For now though it seems like we will just have to enjoy this scoreboard from outside of the stadium.

Will We Have Football?

I love football. In a year where it looks like I will not make a single baseball picture I cannot imagine losing football too. I love making football pictures, but even in a best case scenario right now game day will not be what I am thinking of. I love a packed college stadium with all of the fanfare of game day. Right now though we would be lucky just to have the teams and support staff in the stadium I think. For a while now I have thought that we will not see football. From a liability standpoint college football doesn’t make sense right now. I will gladly be wrong though. Hopefully we get an answer on fall sports soon. Doing what I do I know so many people involved in athletics, and I can only imagine the anxiety right now as they wonder what is next.

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