Sunset On A Season

Sunset On Football

Last night I went up to campus a couple of minutes before sunset with no real plan. In fact until the clouds started looking good I had no intention of making any photos. The news of the day left me feeling a little down and not so much like being artistic. As I realized that things could light up I grabbed a couple of cameras and went to the football stadium. That just seemed like the place to be. I am glad that I did as I was able to make a couple of photos that I really liked on a day that just wasn’t the best.

Taking It All In

Yesterday had a familiar feel to it. It felt a lot like a day in March when the world seemed to stand still. That day in March seemed to come out of nowhere. You could see this day coming tough. It didn’t make it any easier. For the time being there will be no college sports at Purdue or pretty much anywhere in the state with a couple of exceptions as I write this. I think the Major League Baseball is hanging on by a thread right now. One more outbreak and I don’t know how they can go on. If we ever needed a hero we need one now. We need a few actually. We need a team to figure this thing out and to give us the tools to get things back to normal. Hopefully that day is soon.

The Silent Toll

Right now though a lot of people are hurting. The athletes put in so much effort getting ready for a season. They did that this year thinking that there would be one. To wait this long to decide really was a weird decision. Around those athletes are a huge support staff. Some of those people I come into contact with often and some of them I don’t even see. All of them though suddenly have a huge hole in their schedule. Some had spent hours on a media guide or poster that may never see the light of day now. My heart goes out to everyone who was about to start their sports season only to have it shut down shortly before. Hang in there everyone and let me know if you need anything.

The Business Toll

These are unprecedented times. As a freelancer they are scary times. I am not going to lie. I don’t know how this great adventure will end. I may have very well made my last sports photos as a professional. That is scary and a little sad to think about, but it is realistic. If that is the case this ride has been amazing. I was able to do things that I never thought that I could, and the leap to get out there to do it was well worth it. I don’t regret anything.


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