Time For A Fountain Run!

The Tradition Continues

Every year we head to campus for a good old fashioned fountain run. During the summer it is the little things that make up a fun summer break. This year though the fountains were not on. About a week ago I saw an image of the engineering fountain with water in it. They have been running the fountains at certain times apparently. Lucky for us it was running when we went up to campus.

Fountain Runs During Corona

Of course this year things at the fountain were a little different. When we got there two other families were enjoying the fountain as well. They were in their own area though, and so we picked a spot where we wouldn’t disturb them either. This virus has changed so much. Being at the fountain was always a good way for my little one to meet kids and socialize. During Corona that is not really an option. Sadly Pappy’s Sweet Shop was not an option after the run like it used to be. In fact it will never be an option again. The ever changing campus is good for photography, but it is hard on traditions.

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