The Stars Over Ross Ade Stadium

Passing The Time At Ross Ade Stadium

A couple of years ago in July I made a star trails photo at Ross Ade Stadium with the newly painted jumbotron in the background. I really liked how the photo turned out, and I hoped to do it again with the megatron that they have put up in its place. The front had not been completed, and you still couldn’t get into the parking lot until the other night. That night I was focused on making photos of the comet. I knew it would only be a matter of a couple of days before I was back there trying it again. I think that I was in the parking lot for nearly two hours. Much of that time was spent in a camping chair just staring up at the sky. I have to think that when I am making these photos that I have to look like a crazy man. They might not be too far off.

Changing My Mind

When I went to the site this was the photo that I had in mind. I wanted to be straight on with most of the frame in the sky. A combination of a parking light and the trees in front of the scoreboard really limited me in what I could do. I ended up compromising a little. Once I saw how the frames from the second camera came out I realized that I should have really changed up my plans and used the wider (12-24mm) lens on the side. I could have moved a little closer and eliminated the tree from the left side of the frame. It looks like they need to repave the parking lot. Maybe they could move that parking light over a bit so that I can make a good star trail photos every two years or so.

Buy A Print

You can always click on any photo on my blog to go directly to that photo on my website to purchase it. These two photos are part of my 2020 Purdue album which I am pretty proud of. This virus has allowed me to get out and make many more photos of campus than I have in the past. If you use the code “Purdue” at checkout you can also save 25% on any purchase.

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