Another Big Play At Ross Ade

Another Big Play At Ross Ade Stadium

While at school at Purdue Spencer made some big plays on the field at Purdue. Below is one of my favorite Ross Ade Stadium moments. Spencer had just won a big game against Iowa with his leg. The fans stormed the field and it was another great moment from a special season. At the time I am sure that things couldn’t get better for Spencer. Thursday afternoon they did indeed get better as he asked his girlfriend to marry him. It is always amazing to capture these moments and to help plan them out so that everything works out.

Backstory Of A Photo

During the course of our discussions about how the proposal would happen I found out a little more about a photo that I have always liked. I knew that the moment that I captured was good, but the backstory is even better. It is always nice to know a little more about how the photos you make are received. I know that I am lucky to get to work with the Purdue athletic department at times. Lately it has become the primary source of my sports photography income. When you see just how great the support staff for the athletes is though it really makes you appreciate the culture at Purdue. It is also great to see former athletes thriving after being at Purdue.

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