The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell

Proclaim liberty throughout the land. Those are the words at the top of the Liberty Bell. This bell has stood for years as a symbol of our freedom from England. The crack in the bell makes it feel a little more like this country today. What a weird time we find ourselves in. The country is so divided that something like a pandemic cannot even bring us together. For all of our faults as a country we have always rallied when something threatened us. Back when this bell was new Americans were risking their lives for freedom. The very acts they were doing under this bell could have had them killed. They didn’t do it for themselves. They did it for the country. Now we act like we are asked to do too much by just wearing a mask. We have become very soft and selfish as a country.

Fireworks Photos

Here is a list of ten things that I came up with a few years ago to help your fireworks photos look better. This is a weird year where many fireworks shows have been cancelled. If you have them in your area maybe a tip or two from the list can help you out.

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