30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #30 Moncada Signs In Indy

Seeing The Future Of The White Sox In Person

One fun thing about Indy being so close is that at least once a year the future of the White Sox club comes through there. In 2017 one of the top prospects in baseball was Yoan Moncada. That day I made many photos of him that I liked, but this one was a bit outside of the box. It was a view of the signing that I hadn’t really made well yet. It quickly became one of my favorite photos from that year.

Ending On A High Note

Like the stadium countdown this was born out of the fact that there will be no baseball for me this year. That is a bummer. I have tried to end these countdowns on a high note though. No baseball is a bad thing, but things could be a lot worse. Yoan is a piece of the puzzle that could make the White Sox contenders for a few years. That is very exciting to think about. Both of these countdowns were fun to work on. It was great going through the archives and reliving great moments. I think that this blog will get back to normal though. I am writing this far from the end of June though. By the time July gets here I may have an idea for photos for another countdown.

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