Star Trails Over The Purdue Memorial Union

More Fun With Star Trails

Last night I was back on the lawn in front of the Purdue Memorial Union. When I made my photos on Wednesday night I realized that Polaris was almost directly centered over the Union building from where I was standing. Of course that night the rain clouds moved in so I couldn’t do anything about it. I went back Friday night with the thought of making exposures for at least an hour and a half to make some really nice star trails. The forecast looked good to do just that.

When Things Change

When I was approaching the hour mark of my session I started to see a cloud move it. That was not on the forecast, and at first it appeared just over the building. Normally it would go left to right so I would have been good. I saw it moving right at me which was worst case scenario. The good news is that I had clear skies for an hour which let me make the photo above. The bad news is that I had to stop my session early. More good news is that I love being out doing this kind of thing so I will get another shot at it before long now that I know how cool it can be.

Prints For Sale

One thing that I don’t communicate very well on this blog is the fact that any of the photos not of sports are for sale. You can go directly to the photo of the day by clicking it in the post. You can also visit to look at other photos that I have made over the years. Right now any of the Purdue photos are 25% off when you use the code “Purdue” at checkout. Now that I think about it I think that the code will work for any photo for sale on the site.

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