A Beautiful Purdue Photowalk

Starting The Walk Off Right

I was meeting another photographer for a photowalk Saturday night, and we decided to meet under the new scoreboard. I was driving to the lot when I realized that this view of the stadium was amazing. I pulled into the north lot and made a couple of pictures before heading down to our meeting spot. I always love it when I make a photo that I like right away. It takes some of the pressure off of the rest of the walk.

Hanging Out With John

I recently started making more portraits again so I bought the Sony 135mm f/1.8 portrait lens. This lens helps me make cleaner portraits with its great backgrounds. I have also really been enjoying taking it out on photowalks as a new way to look at things. Before the walk really started I walked over to Mackey to make a couple of quick candid portraits of John. All portraits of John have to be candid because in all the years I have been photographing him he has never listened to my posing direction.

Walking With A Friend

It is always fun to go on a photowalk with another photographer. The fun of these things is seeing what the people that you are with see. I know from working games together that Charles and I see things differently. I think that is why we work well together. It is always fun to try and look through the eyes of another photographer. In this case I let him make his photo, and then immediately walked over to where he was and stole his idea.

Doing Something Different

For the longest time I would go up to campus and make photos of all of the same landmarks. In fact I would more than likely stand in the same spots and make the photos. This year I have tried to mix things up a little bit. The campus landmarks still find themselves in my photos. They are great things that show you exactly where you are. I try and show them off a little differently this year. I don’t know if every idea works, but it is fun trying them out.

Making Photos For Yourself

Normally on these walks I think about making photos that I can sell. Now more than ever print sales are the way that I am getting my income. As always you can click on any photo to be taken directly to it where you can purchase it. A photo like the one above will probably never sell though. I made this one more for me. Before you know it this new megatron will be up and running. It will also just be another thing along the walk once the newness wears off. I love these little photos because they are a moment in history. If I had been forward thinking I would have placed a camera in a room not being used in the Ross Ade press box and made one or two photos a day of the construction. That would have been a cool time-lapse.

The Week In Photos

During this crazy time I have been trying to make myself better at this whole photography thing. I have been trying to have weeks that are not so focused on one thing. Of course when migration was in full swing that week was all about birds. A week like last week though was a good one to get out and try some things. I made portraits, chased a rainbow, saw the ISS, tried star trails again, had a good sunset photo session. I hope that this week can be that good. Here are my favorite photos from last week.

Working The Photo

I talk about this concept a lot. When I first started making photos I would just find something interesting and then make the photo. Following the work of Joel Sartore I kept hearing him talk about one thing. That was working the photo. The photo above is a good example of that. I made the photo at the top with the 135mm lens that was on my camera. I knew I was onto something interesting to me, but I didn’t quite capture it. I switched bodies to the one with my 24-105mm lens on it so I could try and make an interesting photo. A couple of extra minutes was what it took to make one of my favorite photos of the night.

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