Pastel Colors At Purdue

When The Color Is Right

Have you ever had a good couple of hours making photos? That was the case on this night. I went up to the top of this parking garage to watch the moon rise up over the Purdue bell tower. Before and after that happened though I was still making photos. I love this campus icon, and I always want to make good photos of it. I was still excited about the moon photos when I saw that the sky was a phenomenal color. I knew that I had the right equipment with me to make this photo so why not? I love it when you can make many different types of photos from one photo session.

Buy A Purdue Print

You can always click on any photo on this site to go directly to it on my website where the photos are for sale. Right now I have my Purdue prints on sale for 25% off by using the code “Purdue” at checkout. You can see all of my Purdue photos from 2020 by clicking here.

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